A new sign is up over North Shore Kosher Bakery, 2919 W Touhy, and with a boost — in the form of a $145,000 grant from the City of Chicago’s Small Business Improvement Fund.
The 36-year-old sweet shop has undergone interior and exterior updates, including roof repairs, new floors and windows, a new door, HVAC, plumbing, and a new sign to complete the new look.
Owner Ayellet Benezra credits JNDC for the outreach, perseverance, and savvy to make it happen by alerting her to the funding opportunity, reaching out to contractors, and filing the forms.
“JNDC’s guidance and support were key to getting our proposal approved,” said Ms. Benezra. “The award enables us to upgrade our equipment and enhance the store with a fresh new look. We’re so grateful to be able to better serve our customers.”